What Is Email Marketing Automation?

Email automation enables online marketers to send action-triggered emails to subscribers. The contacts can get emails with relevant information.

Overall, email automation makes email marketing more efficient, personalized, and relevant to recipients. 

Did you know that email automation is an effective method of communicating with prospective customers? It reaches those clients who have interests in the business. Email automation allows you to generate leads, more sales, and increase revenue.

What Is Email Marketing Automation?

Email marketing automation is the use of timed promotional emails to subscribers on the mailing list. An email campaign that sends out multiple emails at specific times and dates is called a drip campaign.

Sending out automated emails is obviously a quite important aspect of any automated email marketing campaign that should grow your business.

You can build a drip campaign with most email marketing tools. With Aweber, you can build, for example, a welcome email series. Tools like this are a great way to get started and learn more about marketing automation features and automation workflows:

Drip campaigns or help the company to send out personalized messages to prospects and customers on a schedule.

Sending automated emails saves the marketers the hassle of creating and sending new emails each time a prospective client shows interest in the brand.

As has been noted, email automation enables a company to send email responses that are triggered by customer actions. The emails are sent at optimal times to encourage conversion.

Furthermore, email automation allows you to send a personalized message and adjust your message for the different target markets. Personalized communications to potential customers will affect the decisions they take after getting the email.

Additionally, automated email personalization allows you to insert the customer’s name and other personal details on the email. This affects the customers who are more likely to read and take action on the contents.

Most people will hardly ignore an email specifically addressed to them, as compared to a generic email. Sending personalized communication means relevant content and a better user experience.

Automation – A Powerful Tool

The use of email marketing automation allows you to gain valuable insight into your target audience’s needs.

One must understand the company’s preferred demographics to send out the right messages to the right people.

Another key point is that email automation saves time, and one can focus on other valuable tasks.

You do not have to respond to customer questions as they keep inquiring. Instead, you can send them personalized messages about the company’s products and services.

This will help customers learn more about your brand. Sending customers sufficient information on what they need to know about a company will encourage them to keep coming back. It will also build trust in your company to make more purchases.

ActiveCampaign is a popular email marketing software for creating automation campaigns. The platform provides a lot of different automation templates for various niches:

ActiveCmapign real estate automation example:

Check out if ActiveCampaign is the right tool for you.

Using Marketing Automation

Automations help you stay connected to your customers. The use of an email marketing automated tool – an autoresponder – allows you to send the right message to the right people at the right time. Without a doubt, this makes the marketing process more effective.

It will help a company is likely to drive more sales from potential customers and existing customers. A company can use automated emails in their communication in different ways, as stated below.

  • To send welcome messages (welcome series) to new subscribers who sign up for email marketing and provide information about products or services your business offers. It also informs them what they expect to receive from you in the future. Offer a discount for their next purchase to give them immediate value.

  • Send personalized birthday and anniversary messages to your subscriber list. Let them know you value them. Take this opportunity to thank them for their continued support of your business. Offer them lucrative discounts.

  • Promote a new blog on your website to your subscribers. Send succession emails to get them excited about checking for more details from the website.

  • Send feedback to the customers after a negative action from them. If the customer uninstalls your app after a negative experience with your brand, send feedback. This shows the customers that their opinion is valued.

  • Engage your customers that have not connected with your company for a while. You can schedule emails to be sent after a specified period of no engagement with the particular client.

  • Comment about abandoned carts on your website. Ask customers to complete their purchase if they leave your page without buying after picking a cart.

Email Marketing Automation Workflow Example

Using email automation for your email campaigns the first time might look complicated. Make sure to use the right tool with powerful automation features and things like workflow templates, a free trial, email list management, and more. Typical automation workflow in GetResponse:

Benefits of Using Email Marketing Automation

Trigger Emails

Automated emails trigger customer actions. This eliminates the need for the marketer to send individual emails. The email sent may trigger the customer to buy the product. The customer may also download more information provided by the company about their products or services.

Better Targeting and Segmentation

Email automation marketing allows you to segment email contacts in different groups. You can classify your subscribers based on various factors.

List down the email addresses based on their attributes, behavior patterns, and other characteristics. You can also follow up on actions taken after the customer has received the message.

Email automation allows you to implement advanced workflows like lead scoring to gauge the customer’s interest.

This also helps you determine the purchase potential for different leads. You can divide your list to send more targeted emails to subscribers.

This will increase engagement rates with potential and existing customers. Sending more targeted emails improves conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction leads to brand loyalty since they trust your brand more.

With ActiveCampaign, you have full control over the triggers of your automation campaign. For example, you can start a follow-up if someone buys a product, submits a form, clicks on an email link, visits a page, replies to an email, unsubscribe, and more.

Keep Existing Customers Interested

A business should keep its current customers interested in its products and services. As a business strives to attract new customers, they need to get their current customers to spend more with your brand.

Email automation marketing makes retention and loyalty strategies.

This will increase customer lifetime value to your brand. Email automation allows you to automate requests for feedback.

It allows you to offer exclusive offers to customers that spend more. Sending automated will trigger re-engagement campaigns to avoid subscribers from straying.

The customers feel valued and part of the company.

Set up automated upsell: ActiveCmapign provides a template for eCommerce upsells. For example, if a customer buys a specific item, you can create an automated follow-up.

Detailed Reporting

Email automation marketing makes your team more accountable since the marketing automation software has useful real time reporting capabilities to ensure the marketing team can come up with comprehensive reporting.

This will help you note how marketing activities your company engage in are helpful for your business.

Comprehensive reporting empowers your team to know the specific areas they need to improve. The marketing team can make necessary changes for better results.

A Better Understanding of Your Customers

Email automation marketing helps to understand your customers. For example, a company with tons of tasks and millions of customers may have a tough time understanding every client’s needs.

Overall, email automation will help the company know the pages their clients click on more.

Furthermore, it helps them know the type of content they are interested in. But that’s not all. Email automation engages customers and enables a company to get feedback about their products.

As you can see, this will help them know areas they need to improve for a better customer experience.

The company can gauge how well its campaigns are performing. Email automation enables a company to measure the effectiveness of its marketing strategies.

Marketing automation can support your sales funnel and increase your revenue. Automation email marketing allows you to communicate with your prospects in every funnel stage. No matter if you just sent out a welcome email to a new social media lead or a discount code to a customer, or an abandoned cart email, easy to use marketing automation features are the backbone of a solid email marketing strategy. GetResponse sales funnel:

Reduce Costs

Businesses spend a lot of money to market their products and services and increase brand awareness. The business will not require to have a large team calling customers every day.

This means you do not have to hire a team of highly experienced experts to do the work.

A company with millions of subscribers will not need a big team of highly skilled experts to send emails.

A business will not have to pay for a large team to contact prospects regularly. This will save the marketing cost of the company and the overall cost of production.

Marketers and entrepreneurs can save a lot of time and money with the right marketing software. For example, GetResponse provides different workflow template for marketing automation:

Saves Time

Sending automated emails to prospects saves a lot of time. Your company will not spend several hours contacting potential clients.

The software is programmed to handle repetitive tasks that otherwise would be time-consuming. The marketing team can focus on other tasks that will lead to more sales.

The email workflows are independent, leaving the marketers with enough time to nurture leads and contacts. You can later approach your leads when they are ready for an engagement.

Reduce Errors

Sending emails with errors can hurt your company’s brand. When you have the marketing team drafting emails for every client can increase the chances of having several mistakes.

Making spelling mistakes is common when you have to write several emails.

The potential clients may interpret it as the company ignoring details. Automated emails are proofed and checked over to reduce the chances of sending emails full of errors.

Email Connected To Personalized Landing Pages

The email sent is filled with the contact’s information. The email workflow tools can add other personal information such as location, the company they work for, among other details. Sending personalized emails strengthens the relationship between the prospect and the company.

Adding a personal touch to the emails sent will increase the open rates. The recipients are more likely to click through the emails when they are specifically addressed to them.

Note: Most autoresponder have some form of landing page builder integration so that you can create a landing page in ClickFunnels and create your email campaign with an integrated autoresponder.

Some autoresponders offer even a landing page builder. Aweber provides a drag and drop page builder:

Looking for some alternatives to Aweber or Constant Contact? We’ve a great article for you here: Learn more.

Increases Brand Awareness

Email automation will make your business appear more organized. When your subscribers receive helpful and relevant emails, they have a greater awareness. Sending informative emails will have a greater brand awareness to your email contacts.

Sending more information about your products and services will help your potential clients understand what you offer.

Having sufficient information on what your business deals with makes it easy for them to contact you when they need something you offer.

Relevant To the Email Recipient

The message sent is personalized to ensure it’s relevant to the recipient. Many people will ignore emails from companies that are not tailored to. Sending personalized emails will entice the recipient to read the email and respond.

Nurture Leads To Make Them Receptive

Contacting leads immediately after getting their contact information can be annoying. Some people may not be ready to engage with your company.

Email workflows nurture your leads by following up their interest with helpful information. The contact will learn about your business when you provide relevant and engaging information.

Welcome email with Sendinblue: Every time a new subscriber signs up with his or her email address, you can send automated emails:

Looking for an automation tool? Check out our GetResponse vs Sendinblue comparison.


When trying to understand what is email marketing automation, business owners should know that a company can rely on email automation for its marketing.

Sending personalized emails to potential and existing customers allows you to communicate better with your contact.

The email workflow will help a business save on marketing costs and generate more revenue. The business gets an opportunity to avail of the kind of information potential clients are looking for before purchasing.

Providing relevant information to potential clients will help them make the best decision about your brand.

Sending personalized information to your subscribers will strengthen your relationship and lead to customer loyalty.

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